Time runs at its own speed,
Never stopping, never waiting,
It goes like the wind on a stormy day,
Like old friends when they pass away,
Time is a killer,
But still it gives life,
It comes and its goes,
Be it the day or the night,
It does not appeal to the average person,
But they do not think as I do,
For me time goes by like I first learned to walk just yesterday,
An eternity of life slipping through my grasp,
Like I could have done more with my life,
Like it wasted away,
Like the time I had,
Was just another day,
So I want you to think, before your day is over,
To remember it only comes once,
So, What will you do with your time?

Diambil dari sebuah puisi yang ditulis Mark “individu cerdas istimewa ( gifted )” di sekolah dasar tahun kedua.

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